MDB Super Monthly Savings


Customer(s) will pay certain monthly installment for a definite period and after maturity he/she will be given an amount as agreed at time of account opening.

Title Details
Deposit at type : Installment monthly.
Amount to be deposited : as per Deposit Rate
Date for installment : Any time in the month.
Maturity/Disbursement : The scheme will be disbursed on the 30th of next month after the last installment.
Force Closure : If a customer fails to pay three (3) consecutive installment.
Taxes, Duty, Surcharges : All taxes/duty/levy and /or any other surcharges presently in force or that may be imposed by the Government of Bangladesh from time to time will be deducted/ recovered from the deposit account under this scheme.
Premature Encashment : In case of premature encashment he/she get no interest of the deposited amount.

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